About Us

Welcome to Medcity International Academy

Medicity-International-Academy-MIAKMedcity International Academy is an innovative institution in Kannur whose prime objective is to help realize the aspirations of professionals in medical science, IT, Engineering, hospitality, aviation, travel and tourism, hotel management and communication.

Medcity provides specialized training for examinations like IELTS, HAAD, MOH, TOEFL, PROMETRIC (QATAR, DUBAI AND SAUDI ARABIA), NCLEX-RN and CRNE (CANADA) etc. In addition to these, we also provide specialized courses like Qatar license exam and PG ENTRANCE COACHING FOR DOCTORS..

The mandatory prerequisites for nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, X-ray technicians, Physiotherapist and other para-medical candidates to work in globally recognized organizations, mainly in the middle east and Saudi Arabia are imparted at Medcity International Academy. Team MEDCITY comprises of skilled professionals who are well experienced in their respective fields.

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision - Medcity International Academy

Our Mission is to provide students with a transformative educational experience that contributes to their linguistic and career development. We are committed to guide the aspirants to achieve the required skills at an affordable cost in minimum time, so as to enable themselves to build a career of their own choices, in the most professional manner with transparency, honesty and ethics as our core strengths. Being a socially committed organization, we are obliged to nurture every individual to their maximum potential for the fulfillment of self and the betterment of society.