Best German Coaching Center In Kannur

With a place in the Guinness Book of Records as one amongst the 10 most spoken languages in the world, the significance of German language is but apparent. It is the second widely spoken language in the European Union with over 120 million speakers. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) recognizes A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 as the levels a non-Germanic speaker can be graded, with A1 as the certification for a basic language user and C2 for a fluent user.

As German is derived from the Indo-European language family, there are many similarities with English, Dutch and Swedish languages. Moreover, many German words have English equivalents in terms of pronunciation and therefore, if you know English, it will definitely help you to learn German easily. But German has about eight times as many words, about 5.3 million words, as there is in English , and one-third of that has came in the last 100 years. Nonetheless, most of these words are not used in everyday life.

German Language at Medcity International Academy

Recognized as one of the top institutes that teach German, Medcity International Academy has always kept up that name. We, at MIAK, encourage international relationship and being such an institution, international language training has always been a priority of ours. Learning German will not only help you to become bilingual/multilingual but it may also act as your savior if you are intending to tour or work or study at Europe. Most of the courses in Germany are taught in German and thus, having a good knowledge in German will aid you immensely.

Listed below are the reasons that guarantee MIAK as the number 1 institute for German Language Training:

  • We start from the basics of the language so that the students are exposed to the pattern and structure of a new language right from the beginning.
  • The method of teaching is highly friendly as well as formal so that the students are exposed to both ways of language usage.
  • Based on the level of language proficiency of the student, training sessions are categorized.
  • The class timings are highly flexible and the ambience we provide offers immense opportunities to develop your proficiency in language.
  • We make it a point to have small batches so as to enhance classroom training.
  • We realize that every student is different and hence individual attention is paid to one and all.
  • We provide students the chance to listen to ample listening exercises of native German speakers thereby enabling them to understand the cultural nuances in the language.
  • Individual speaking sessions are given to our students by trained professionals ensuring that the way you speak the language is flawless.
  • Feedback is given to the students at the time of practice so that errors may be rectified then and there. With the valuable tips from the trainers, students easily learn the language as well as improve their level of study.
  • We firmly believe in the idea ‘practice makes perfect’ and therefore simulated tests are given every week. This helps the students to feel at ease on the day of exam.
  • Study materials along with CD’s are given to all the students.
  • For further reading and practice, we provide an in-house library and language lab that is always open to our students.
  • The fact that German is taught by language teachers who has been chosen from elite institutions also adds to the quality of our course as they are highly qualified and experienced.
  • The peculiar advantage that we offer to our students is that German language classes are also made available through online sessions apart from the regular classes conducted at our centres at Kannur and Kottayam in Kerala and at Mangalore in Karnataka.
  • We recognize the difficulty students sometimes face while registering for exams and henceforth, we provide them assistance for the same.
  • The excellence of language training allows us to have batches of shorter duration and this in turn benefits the students immensely as they learn the language quite quickly.