German Language

German language learning has certain certifications. The basic levels of learning are the A1 and A2 levels and this level introduces you to the simplest everyday conversations you can have with common phrases you can use. Both these levels are considered as elementary level. After having completed the A1 level, you will be able to introduce yourself, have conversations in a supermarket or any other such social contexts. Basic grammar is also covered at this level. A2 level of German teaches expressions that are commonly used and help you communicate in everyday situations such as shopping, work, travel and so on. Familiar and common topics become easy to handle after this level and self-introduction in terms of educational background, immediate surroundings and anything related to things around you.

B1 and B2 levels are considered as independent users of German. In these levels, you learn to communicate most everyday situations and also confidently convey your experiences, describe dreams and goals and also express your opinions. With B2 level you can deal with more complex language structures, participate in discussions and communicate spontaneously.

German at Medcity

At Medcity, we have C2 level qualified trainers who take up sessions for different batches of students. Levels A1 to B2 are taught here, using both online and offline modes. Depending on your convenience as a student, you can opt for online classes or choose to come and sit in our regular batches. German classes are delivered in two sessions: morning and afternoon. This is to ensure that students of any levels of employment (full-time or part-time employees) can enrol in our course and realise their dreams of working in Germany. We also have regular evaluation systems in place to help understand the progress levels of each student.