Chairman's Message

Medcity Chairman

Rahul Chakrapani

Chairman, Medcity International Academy


William Jennings Bryan famously observed, 'Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It's not a thing to be waited for, it's a thing to be achieved' This aptly sums up our philosophy at Medcity.

It is our firm belief that every person is born with a destiny. However, a target-driven effort of focussed intensity is a sine qua non for the attainment of our ultimate goals. The road to the summit of life is long, steep and winding. While we are on our own in this arduous but fulfilling journey of life, we do need guides who can provide us with the roadmap and gently lead us back to the trail when we stray.

It is our earnest endeavour at Medcity to be a beacon of light blazing the trail for those who enter our portals. Imparting knowledge is the least of our priorities. We believe in the holistic development of the person instilling in him/her a sense of purpose, determination, diligence, confidence, altruism and optimism. When the going gets tough for you, the MIAK team of mentors, with vast experience and expertise, will be with you and for you to guide and lead you to your tryst with destiny.

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