With God's grace I passed Haad RN. A word of gratitude is not enough. But that the only way I can acknowledge Medcity International Acadamy & Anil sir, Ginesh sir, Simi mam, Rahul sir & Abhilash sir for guiding me towards the achivement of Haad examination.

Stisha Stephen


With God's grace I passed HAAD - RN. I use this opportunity to thank all teachers of Medcity International Academy -Simi Madam, Jineesh Sir, Rahul Sir, Abhilash Sir, Sneha Madam and all others, staffs who helped me to achieve this goal. Thank you Thank you all.

Abhinav Roche


With god's grace I passed HAAD-PN. I can't believe I passed the exam that I had to check the result over and over again. Iam one of your thousands students who have fullfilledthe dream... I highly recommend Medcity International Academy for everybody.

Divya C K


Thanks to Medcity family. "WEn eaTinG a FruIt, ThinK oF d PeRson Hu plANted d TreE" TimE haS cOme tO giVe spL tHanKs tO Simi Josi mam , Jineesh sir , Abhilash sir & Rahul sir... I PaSsed my HAAD-RN nd MOH UAE ... I cAn no OthEr ansWer mAke, bUt tHanKS & thaNks !!!

Neethu Joseph