Top IELTS/OET Training Centre

Medcity International Academy (MIA), the country’s most sought-after training centre with its Head Office in Kannur and branches in Kottayam, Kochi, Kozhikode, Thiruvalla, Mangalore, Thodupuzha and Mavelikara, has become numero uno in the field of language training by empowering its students to crack IELTS and OET exams through focused, friendly and flawless training strategiess supplemented by cutting edge pedgogical equipment and materials. We provide quality training in language assessment tests like the IELTS, OET, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, CELPIP and such nursing assessment tests as the AHA, NCLEX-RN, Prometric, CBT(UK), DHA, HAAD, MOH along with German Language teaching in Kannur, Kottayam, Kochi, Kozhikode, Thiruvalla, Mangalore, Thodupuzha and Mavelikara. The top-notch performances of our students in IELTS/ OET/ PTE/ DHA/ HADD/ MOH/ Prometric/ CBT(UK)/ German have earned for us a nonpareil reputation among the training academies in the country.

Medcity International Academy is a unique venture pioneered by Rahul Chakrapani in the picturesque coastal town of Kannur for enhancing the overseas employability quotient of the nursing students of the Malabar region in answer to a long felt need for a standard preparatory institute for a wide range of language assessment tests. The phenomenal success of MIA led to the replication of the winning formula in branches spanning the entire state and beyond offering preparatory programmes in IELTS & OET along with all other courses on offer which are: PTE/ DHA/ HADD/ MOH/ Prometric/ CBT(UK)/ German in Kannur, Mangalore, ,Kottayam, Thiruvalla Kanjikuzhy, Thiruvalla-2, Thodupuzha, Mavelikara, Kochi and Kozhikode. Medcity, a hub of unrivalled language training in India, caters to the needs of professionals in medical science, IT, Engineering, hospitality, aviation, travel and tourism, hotel management and communication.

Over the years, Medcity has become the trend-setter not only in Kannur, Kottayam, Kochi, Kozhikode, Thiruvalla, Mangalore, Thodupuzha and Mavelikara, but the entire country. Strong winds of change are sweeping through the nation with thousands of professionals, especially students with specialization in various areas, relocating themselves in greener pastures abroad. As trainers par excellence in IELTS, OET and a host of other language assessment as well as professional tests, Medicity offers the ideal launching pad to embark on your voyage from dreams to success.

We aim to be the leading service provider with a social conscience, emerging as the ultimate destination for aspiring candidates to fulfill their dream of educational or professional growth abroad. Our unique learning experience of the highest order will provide that extra edge to the students in their endeavour to ace the language or nursing assessment test.

  • As a social organization committed to the welfare of Indians, we join hands with the aspiring candidates to leverage the opportunities offered by overseas universities/ colleges in terms of study abroad programmes and employers from foreign countries for the best interest of the candidate and the community in India.
  • We are committed to nurturing every individual to their full potential for the fulfilment of self and the betterment of society by ensuring holistic development of an individual through language and personality development programmes.
  • We provide meticulous guidance to the young aspirants to cherry-pick the best available courses from those on offer in countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the US, Germany and others so that they can embark on a dream career.
  • We render expert assistance to the nurses under our tutelage in securing coveted placements in reputed hospitals and health-care sectors in the Middle-East and European countries.

Medcity International Academy has strong business bonds with our English Language assessment partners: British Council, IDP Australia, Cambridge University Press and Pearson. This ensures that our students have the best experience when it comes to preparing and taking tests like the IELTS and PTE.





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E-learning refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online. There is always a teacher or professor interacting / communicating with you and grading your participation, your assignments and your tests. E-Learning has been proven to be a successful method of training and education is becoming a way of life for many citizens in North Carolina.