NCLEX-RN in Kannur - Medcity International Academy

NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is an assessment test for licensing nurses who would like to work in the United States of America or Canada. The NCLEX is a computer-based test in the CAT format. The NCLEX is designed to test knowledge, skills and abilities essential to the safe and effective practice of nursing at the entry level. NCLEX examinations are owned and developed by National Council of State Boards, Inc. (NCSBN).

There are two types of NCLEX examinations: NCLEX-RN for licensure as a registered Nurse and NCLEX-PN for licensure as a practical nurse or vocational nurse. The exam’s content is solely based on client needs and the majority of NCLEX questions are multiple choice but in the recent years, other objective question formats has also been introduced. Both the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN are of variable length and adaptive.

NCLEX-RN at Medcity International Academy

Recognized as one of the top institutes that teach NCLEX-RN, Medcity International Academy has always kept up that name. We, at MIAK, encourage international relationship and being such an institution, training to either study or work abroad has always been a priority of ours. Listed below are the reasons that guarantee MIAK as the number 1 institute for NCLEX-RN Training:

  • We make it a point to have small batches so as to enhance classroom training.
  • We realize that every student is different and hence individual attention is paid to one and all.
  • Feedback is given to the students at the time of practice so that errors may be rectified then and there. With the valuable tips from the trainers, students easily learn the trick to ace NCLEX-RN thus improving their level of study and field of knowledge.
  • There is a belief in MIAK that a strong student-teacher rapport enables better communication and sharing of information. Therefore, the coaching is given in such a way that students feel the rigorousness and ease of NCLEX-RN.
  • The class timings are highly flexible and the ambience we provide offers immense opportunities to develop your study pattern for MIAK is equipped with world-class computer lab facilities and an in-house library at our centres in Kannur and Kottayam in Kerala and at Mangalore in Karnataka.
  • We firmly believe in the idea ‘practice makes perfect’ and therefore simulated tests are given every week. This helps the students to feel at ease on the day of exam.
  • Study materials along with CD’s are given to all the students.
  • The trainers at MIAK has been handpicked from elite institutions and this further adds to the quality of our training for they are highly qualified and experienced.
  • We recognize the difficulty students sometimes face while registering for exams and henceforth, we provide them assistance for the same.