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Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is a licensing test conducted by the health authority of Dubai to assess the quality of healthcare professionals seeking jobs in Dubai. It may be noted that DATAFLOW need not precede the enrollment for the DHA test. It is therefore possible for a DHA aspirant to apply for the DATAFLOW verification and enroll for the DHA at the same time. However the candidate must take the test within three months of the completion of the verification process. Medcity International Academy is Best DHA Coaching Centre in Kerala .


DHA Test format

The purpose of the DHA test is to select registered nurses as well as assistant nurses. A registered nurse should have successfully completed the bachelor's programme in nursing whereas an assistant nurse should have completed the general nursing course. The computer aided DHA test for both consists of 150 MCQs to be answered in 2 hours and 45 minutes. The subject covered is practical nursing based on various everyday patient-centred scenarios in a healthcare set-up.

*All these test details are subject to frequent changes and updates.

DHA at Medcity

We provide a highly flexible range of short-term packages to help the working professionals complete the course during their leisure hours. The revision of the practical nursing subjects is related with the Frequently Asked Examination Questions to keep the focus riveted on essential examination material. Computer-based simulation tests are integrated into the packages to optimise the performance of the trainees in the DHA test.




Only quality DHA training

We do not compromise on the quality we deliver. With constant check and feedback taken from our students, Medcity has become synonymous with quality.



A holistic learning experience is what we guarantee our students. The million happy faces across the world vouch for this.


Individual Attention

Each student feels at home with Medcity's training ensured with the individual attention provided by the trainers assigned to them.


Medcity workshops

Regular workshops to keep the Medcity trainers up-to-date with the latest language developments and syllabus updates.

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