Prometric (Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia)

PROMETRIC is a US-based testing agency which conducts the eligibility examinations for healthcare professionals in Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

The Oman PROMETRIC and Qatar PROMETRIC may be taken either before or after completing the DATAFLOW. On the other hand, completion of DATAFLOW verification is a necessary prerequisite for the Saudi PROMETRIC.


What is the test format?

The format involves answering 100 multiple-choice questions. For Oman and Qatar PROMETRIC, the test duration is 2.5 hours. Saudi PROMETRIC has two different exams. One is for registered nurses and the other is for nurse technicians. A candidate will have to answer 150 MCQs in 3 hours. The questions are based on practical aspects of nursing.

*All these test details are subject to frequent changes and updates.

PROMETRIC at Medcity

The PROMETRIC test preparation in Medcity is a 3-day crash course which analyses all the previously asked questions and other possible questions. The most significant topics of nursing curriculum are recapitulated to reinforce the individual revisionary work. Each candidate who registers for the crash course is given access to an application that can be downloaded onto a system and practised. The reasons for the answer and why another option is not possible are all detailed in the application itself upon review.

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