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The Duolingo English test, is a computer-based adaptive test which certifies candidates to apply for higher studies in a number of countries across the world. This test, which has integrated skill testing tasks, lasts for less than an hour. It has two broad sections to it. The first section will last for about 45-minutes and is graded. This section is called the adaptive test and evaluates your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. The next 10-minutes is a video interview and this comprises the ungraded section. Medcity International Academy is Best Duolingo Coaching Centre in Kerala


Duolingo English Test requirements

This test can be taken even from your home. As a candidate you require an identification document which can be your passport, driving license or any other accepted national identification document. In addition, you also require a room with sufficient lighting, a computer with a stable internet connection. You also need additional features like a webcam, microphone and speakers along with the computer. Your test is proctored remotely and at all times, your face should be facing the webcam and fully visible.

Duolingo English test Results

The result of the Duolingo English test is published in around 48-hours' time. It can be viewed in your Duolingo account and can be sent to many universities without any extra payment. The universities that you plan to apply to, all have access to your Duolingo graded and ungraded sections.





We do not compromise on the quality we deliver. With constant check and feedback taken from our students, Medcity has become synonymous with quality.



A holistic learning experience is what we guarantee our students. The million happy faces across the world vouch for this.


Embracing the digital age

Medcity International academy has embraced the digital age in its completeness, giving the students the option of learning IELTS, OET, PTE online.



Medcity International trains students to be more articulate in communication through a variety of innovative techniques that help you to practice more and more..

Is Duolingo easier than IELTS?

The Duolingo English Test is a 1-hour long computer-based test that can be taken from a location of your choice- be it your won home. When compared to IELTS, the Duolingo is a much shorter test and the question types are interactive. The biggest advantage and difference is that you can get your scores of Duolingo in just 2 days or sooner.

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