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There are three main levels in learning French: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Your certification depends on your requirement of the French language. Beginner is the entry level wherein basic communication aspects are learnt. Depending on your need and extent of usage of French, you will be required to clear the next two levels.

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IELTS training in Kerala

Medcity is popularly recognized for its dominance in the IELTS space in India. They provide one of the best Ielts training in Kerala and India.


OET training in Kerala

Medcity is the go-to center, if you are looking to prepare for the OET exam. expect the best OET training from the experts in imparting English language coaching.


NCLEX-RN training

If you are a nurse seeking employment in the US, Canada or Australia, the Medcity NCLEX-RN team are there to cater and guide you through the process of cracking the NCLEX exam to gain entry into the country of your choice. Medcity from its inception has always and will always have a nurse centric approach.


the best Pearson Test of English (PTE) training in Kerala

This relatively new test assessment module was launced recently , if you compare it with the other test assessments that are required for work or migration abroad. The English language experts have a track record of helping students to score high.

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