HAAD(Health Authority of Abu Dhabi)


To practice as a healthcare professional within the United Arab Emirates, a professional license can be obtained through the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). Depending on one’s profession, there are different specialties of exam that doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and dietitians can take. Other professions that require HAAD include Alternative Medical Practitioners such as TCM and Unani medicine, physiotherapists, chiropractors, homeopathic doctors, naturopathic doctors and osteopathic physicians.

Since the examination and registration for HAAD is carried out online by the Examination and Evaluation System (EES) within the country, the expense and time is cut down. Nonetheless, for some professions, there needs to be a written examination as opposed to the online. With a time limit of 2 ½ hours (150 minutes) for the 100 MCQs asked, 90 seconds is given per HAAD question. In the examination results, the percentage of your correct answers is not stated. Instead, only a pass or fail result is shown.

HAAD at Medcity International Academy

Medcity International Academy leads in HAAD training with its unique standards of teaching excellence. We aim to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of the students who desire to succeed in HAAD. By ensuring that at a time the intake of students is of small number, the provision of providing individual attention to students is fulfilled thereby catering to their needs and developing their skills further.

The reason for Medcity International Academy to be rated as the top institute for HAAD is because we understand the significance of flexibility in tutoring and therein accommodate tutoring sessions based on the convenience of the students. The students are first assessed by the trainers and accordingly trained to bring out the best result. Along with the training, mock tests are also conducted every week to enable the students to tackle HAAD without any pressure. With various productive strategies to manage time, and build strategy, critical thinking and quick thinking based on clinical theories and practices, the students are trained to be adept at HAAD with no worries to approach its tricky aspects.

The ambience and environment created by Medcity International Academy to provide guidance for HAAD is another factor that has contributed to the privilege of being the number 1 institute. The faculty is highly qualified and experienced. They believe in establishing a good communication with the students so as to easily understand the right method of training for each student. With friendly nature and teaching techniques, a great rapport is easily established. Thus, learning becomes more comfortable.

Medcity International Academy is recognized as the best for providing the finest coaching in HAAD also owes to its world-class computer labs and well furnished classrooms which further aids in the practice of computer-aided tests. Since HAAD is most often a computer oriented test, basic knowledge of computer also becomes a key factor in acquiring the required score for many who do not get training without a practice in the computer becomes but nervous while writing the exam. Rigorous and continuous training sessions are given to our students at our centers at Kannur and Kottayam in Kerala and at Mangalore in Karnataka in order to make the technological aspect of the test a walkover. The online courses offered in HAAD is an added advantage.