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Rahul Chakrapani- The man with the Midas touch

Chairman, Medcity International Academy


Rahul Chakrapani began his forage into setting-up of successful enterprises from a young age of 22. His vision was such that, over a decade, whatever he has started off, probably as his dream projects at various junctures in his life post his 20’s, is today an epitome of what social platforms should be. Little did people around him know that he would be this fortunate with every enterprise of his.

Let’s find out how he has created his own magic kingdom?

Giving wings to angels

With the intention of providing support to the ‘angels on earth’, the nurses in Malabar region, Rahul Chakrapani first developed an academy, Medcity International Academy, which would help train nurses to be eligible to work in the Middle- East with qualifying exams like the HAAD, DHA, MOH, Prometric , or even in European countries. What began as a dream to give wings to these angels, grew to catering to the needs of students and other aspirants with courses such as IELTS, PTE, OET and progressed to more intensive training such as the UK NMC CBT, BLS, ACLS and even German language. With these courses and the growing popularity of Medcity as an academy, in addition to the medical professionals who joined for courses earlier, students looking for higher studies abroad and even those seeking migration sought help for training. Starting with the first branch at Kannur, Medcity now has 15 branches across the state with a branch in Mangalore (Karnataka) as well.

To meet the expanding needs students have Rahul Chakrapani has set forth a new venture. Medcity now also has its very own Medcity Study Abroad division. As the name suggests, study abroad is a platform where students can get free counselling services and course options along with all the necessary assistance for attaining an admission abroad and travelling to that country for the course.

Value of Sweat

Malabar Multi-State Agro Co-operative Society is moving into its third year of successful operation. This society brings together farmers/farm products and consumers. Further, it puts forth and implements innovative ideas and acts as a platform to improve all aspects of the farmers’ livelihood like farming, processing, marketing of their produce etc.

Malabar Multi-State Agro Co-operative Society has faced and overcome many challenges, especially in these Covid times, over the years.

In a scenario wherein the Farmer’s inability in obtaining fair prices for their produce/products, Malabar Multi-State Agro Co-operative Society steps in to help them achieve an improved standard of life. This Society was built keeping in mind the consumer state of Kerala and producer state of Karnataka with regard to farm produce/products.

In the past 150 years, Malabar Multi-state Agro Co-operative Society is the first such Society to obtain approval for activities in the area of farming.

Love of the soil where farmers toil

Rahul Chakrapani, President of Malabar Multi-state Agro Co-operative Society, states that this society was formed by a group of people who love the soil where farmers toil. Rahul went on to mention that their realization that the sustenance of farmers and farm workers is not solely their responsibility, the society at large has a major role to play. This was another major reason for forming the Malabar Multi-state Agro Co-operative Society.

To overcome the major problem of the ever so frequent fluctuation of the prices of farmers’ produce/products necessitated the establishment of a platform to directly link the farmers to the consumers, added Rahul.

Facing Challenges

Rahul Chakrapani explicitly stated that the prayers of the thousands of successful candidates played a key role in Medcity overcoming the various challenges faced. Otherwise Medcity would not have reached this peak of success in spite of concentrated attacks by certain sections of society. This pathway to success can be viewed only with wonder and gratefulness.

The main ingredient to success is perseverance. Rising like a phoenix, Medcity is exploring new ventures in Kerala and beyond.

The vision of the young entrepreneur, Rahul Chakrapani, humbly stated that the excellent team who is with him has led to Medcity rising to such heights.

24 hour Free Ambulance service

The support he received from all centers helped him to overcome all challenges said Rahul Chakrapani. Therefore, he does not intend to make Medcity a profit oriented business concern. Under Medcity Group of institutions there are three health care initiatives. Under Medcity Care this free ambulance service, fitted with the most modern equipment, is available 24 hours to help people support their lifeline.

COCOCA- The Complete Online Supermarket

Way before the lockdown happened, Rahul Chakrapani had foreseen the possibilities of online shopping in Kannur. What started off as an experiment, trying to combine most modern website, mobile app and quick home delivery services, COCOCA, the complete online supermarket, has paved way to a new shopping experience for the people of Kannur. This venture became hugely popular during the first lockdown period and was crucial in ensuring that fresh supplies reached people in their homes. Again, an enterprise by Rahul Chakrapani, COCOCA today leads the shopping market here.

Medcity Study Abroad

As an academy successfully training students for IELTS & PTE for close to a decade, Rahul Chakrapani wanted to ensure that these successful students had a safe and trustworthy partner to help them in their study abroad plans. This was a time when there were study abroad giants already in the industry. Many students have shared their misfortunate experiences in having tried to take the help of some of these agencies. Most study abroad agencies would push a student to take up a course for which that agency would get a higher rate of commission and even go to the extend of taking huge sums of money as additional payment and service charges. When many such students duped by various agencies approached him, Rahul Chakrapani decided to make Medcity’s Study Abroad wing stronger.

Medcity Study Abroad was started by Rahul Chakrapani with the intention of giving authentic affordable services to students. With Medcity Study Abroad, students can choose their favourite courses in their chosen destination based on their academic profile. Students are not forced into taking any courses and the long list of successful candidates to various countries have proven how different Medcity Study Abroad is. This Medcity Study Abroad with a difference was the brain child of Rahul Chakrapani.

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