IELTS IELTS Maestro - 3rd Edition


IELTS Maestro - 3rd Edition

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The IELTS Maestro is a complete self-help reference book for IELTS aspirants, covering all four modules-Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking- with detailed strategy lessons and sample answers to help you get your required band score of 7 and above.

This is the first ever reference book which discusses the writing essay and report structure in detail, with separate lessons for the different essay question types and task 1 types. The book also has 15+ sample answers for both writing task 1 & 2, academic and general training which will help you learn the right usages and patterns to be followed.
The question types in the Reading module have individual strategy lessons immediately followed by a reading passage to practise the newly learnt strategy. The Listening and Reading lessons also come with tips and score calculators, making you ready to self-evaluate your performance in both these modules
The Speaking module has strategy lessons and sample answers to help you identify and learn the correct method to be used in answering the IELTS Speaking test.

This is quite simple, all you need to do is first go through the detailed strategy and tips mentioned in the book and then download the free mobile app- MEDCITY APP-which has numerous practice questions and audio clips, to enhance your listening skills.

Yes you do. The writing module comes with an exhaustive question bank and so does the Speaking module. This will ensure that you have the sufficient opportunity to practise these skills.

Absolutely. The Reading and the Writing modules have different patterns when it comes to academic and general training versions. The Listening and Pseaking modules remain the same. This reference book has separate Reading and Writing chapters for the academic as well as the general training versions. So whether you are planning for studies abroad or migration, the IELTS Maestro is your solution.

There are 15+ writing samples for report writing, letter writing and essay writing to help you compare and learn. You can find all strategies and format explained as answers to learn from.

Well, the Listening and Speaking modules are self-timed and do not really require time management skills. The Writing task 1 & 2 time duration of 20 minutes and 40 minutes, have been divided into various stages which will ensure ample time for planning, writing and proof reading your responses. How the 3 sections of reading can be easily managed is also mentioned in the book.

Yes. Not only tips to help you score better, but also detailed strategy lessons have been included.

Grammar aspects relevant to areas of writing and speaking have been included in the respective chapters. This will help you work on the 'grammatical range and accuracy' aspect of the assessment criteria.

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