Refund & Cancellation Policy

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are displeased with the services provided, you have options to avail compensation for the loss suffered, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation. Please read the fine prints of each deal before buying it, it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase.

In case of dissatisfaction from our services, clients have the liberty to seek clarification and any such discrepancies in services need to be brought to our attention. Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:

Cancellation Policy

For Cancellations please contact us via the contact us link.

Refund Policy

We have created the best possible packages for our students/client.

In case any client is not completely satisfied with our products we can provide alternatives to compensate the loss incurred. A full refund is not made possible once payment is done. Please read all features and documents related to a product carefully before purchase. A refund is possible only in the most crucial situations and these are validated as crucial by the management at Medcity.

If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of payment gateway name payments refund will be made to the same account.

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